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RSS 100 PWA Edition (SDM) Mast developed for PWA and all top slalom and foil races. Specific for Aero 2019 and Foil sails. The mast that makes the difference!

520RACE/SLALOM/FOIL      IMCS 326850 kr (mastbag ingår)
490RACE/SLALOM/FOIL IMCS 296350 kr (mastbag ingår)
460RACE/SLALOM/FOIL IMCS 266000 kr (mastbag ingår)
430RACE/SLALOM/FOIL IMCS 215900 kr (mastbag ingår)
400RACE/SLALOM/FOIL IMCS 195850 kr (mastbag ingår)
370SLALOM                          IMCS 175700 kr (mastbag ingår)

RSS.99 (SDM) Mast specific for Race, Slalom and Speed competitions . Designed with the proper curve for the Aero + 2019. The lightness and a high Reflex guarantee the unquestionable performance!

520RACE/SLALOM/FOIL      IMCS 336450 kr (mastbag ingår)

FSW 100 FREESTYLE (RDM) The perfect mast for freestyle contests. Stiffer than a normal RDM mast but this allows to the sail to be more stabile and balanced on freestyle tricks.

430FREESTYLE              IMCS 25              5350 kr (mastbag ingår)
400FREESTYLE IMCS 21             5000 kr (mastbag ingår)
370FREESTYLE IMCS 19            4900 kr (mastbag ingår)

FSW 100 PRO WAVE Top mast for riding waves and jumping. Softness and stability make everything easier in between the waves. Impossible to break! To be used in all our wave lines.

430WAVE    IMCS 255350 kr (mastbag ingår)          
400WAVE                 IMCS 215100 kr (mastbag ingår)
370WAVE                 IMCS 194900 kr (mastbag ingår)
340WAVE                 IMCS 154750 kr (mastbag ingår)

FSW.99 (RDM) Mast developed by for wave/freestyle best performances. Strongly recommended on ThreeG DB. Its curve is designed on these sails mastsleeves curve

430WAVE/FREESTYLE           IMCS 214700 kr (mastbag ingår)

FSW 80 The perfect compromise between professional and not agonistic riders. Same curve as FSW100 Pro Wave but with an extra reinforcing net inside. To be used on all our wave lines.

430WAVE/FREESTYLE IMCS 254200 kr (mastbag ingår)
400WAVE/FREESTYLE IMCS 214000 kr (mastbag ingår)
370WAVE/FREESTYLE IMCS 193700 kr (mastbag ingår)
340WAVE/FREESTYLE IMCS 153550 kr (mastbag ingår)

RSS 80 This mast has the same curve as RSS100. It is just a little bit more reinforced and, naturally, heavier than the Pro mast. Perfect on 6,2- 7,0- 7,8- 8,5- 9,2 Fluido T3 ; 7,5- 8,2- 9,0 Liquido and 6,3- 7,0- 7,7 Bad2.

490FREERIDE/RACE              IMCS 29 4450 kr   (mastbag ingår
460FREERIDE/FREESTYLE     IMCS 264000 kr  (mastbag ingår)
430FREERIDE/FREESTYLE     IMCS 213900 kr (mastbag ingår)
400FREERIDE/FREESTYLE     IMCS 193750 kr (mastbag ingår)

520FREERIDE/RACE   IMCS 324200 kr  (mastbag ingår)
490FREERIDE/RACE   IMCS 294000 kr (mastbag ingår)
460FREERIDE/FREESTYLE IMCS 263650 kr (mastbag ingår)
430FREERIDE/FREESTYLE IMCS 213490 kr (mastbag ingår)