Meny Stäng


5,49.299 kr
6,29.999 kr
7,010.799 kr
7,711.525 kr
8,1 foil11.649 kr
8,411.999 kr
9,012.309 kr
9,1 foil12.579 kr

AERO+ Spartacus (4 cams) handmade

It took us as long as we could get for Aero 2020 research and development.

We wanted to be sure that we have really completed the tests of different solutions and to fine-tune the performance of our sail range.

Stability, accelleration and eccessive power control and a deeper shape of the front to conform the design for slalom protocol.

The AERO+ XX Spartacus sails are all HAND MADE in the Italian factory.

For the realization and delivery of each sail, it takes about 30 days.Sizing guide